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If you want to increase your portfolio, get a wide array of experience and get cash rewards then Do More is built for you.

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Do More Design is a platform built for UK design students and those who have recently graduated.

Our aim is very simple: To give you a platform to further discover your abilities and add amazing new skills. You’ll be getting commercial design experience working with real clients on briefs which are vital to their business.

It’s quick and free to sign up and there’s no obligation to submit anything. Just get designing when you’ve got the time or get an idea.

Oh, and if your work gets selected you get cash rewards too.

Build your portfolio with work for real-world clients

Win cold hard cash for doing something you love

Experience working with Creative Direction from Senior Designers

Hone your chosen software and design production skills

Improve your idea-generation, presentation,
typography, icon design, etc.

Now you know the benefits, let’s get cracking!

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YOU ARE The freshest design talent

You are the future of the UK design industry. We salute you!
We also want to help you gain experience and make a bit of cash doing what you love. We’re proud to support new UK design students and recent graduates.

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