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achieving more

We help people and businesses to create time in their lives Update on 6 Apr 18: Thanks to the logos received so far - there are some very strong contenders. Loving the artwork! I just wanted to give some more detail to help out as I think I've been a bit scant with that, so my apologies. I love the feeling of warm browns for the logo and maybe with some red being used to emphasise something or for underlines rather than as full colour. More a secondary/background colour and there are some good examples of this in use already. I've attached some more logos that I have seen on this website that I like so that may help a little more. Key for me is the wording. Creating Time ~ achieving more. I think it will be good to have an icon to go with the wording and there are some great examples already appearing. Where there is an icon, it should be linked to time, or essentially creating time. I am looking for the logo to have a warm and restful feel about it, with a hint of luxury and business-like. Also happy for designers to suggest fonts as well, but nothing too fancy. I will also try uploading another logo that I created myself a long time ago using some basic software I found online. It's not the best, but may promote some more ideas too. Thanks for everything so far ... !


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  • Question posted by ink

    Hi - we'd love to submit a few logo designs for this project, however there's not a great deal of information to work with in the competition brief. Could you let us know a little more about your company, the sector you work in and how you intend to use the logo? (print, digital, website, business cards etc). Thanks - ink


    Hi - I intend to use the logo in print (letters, business cards, flyers, stickers, etc), digital, website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I put in some samples and really like the first sample in the list. It's simple and sophisticated. Maybe an abstract clock can be added or just the letters CT? I have ideas, but not near as creative as you guys :-) My business is literally to help individuals and companies create time to achieve more. Achieve more of what they need to achieve to meet their goals. Hope this is enough for you to go on, but if not just get back to me. Thanks - look forward to seeing some ideas!