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Psychology First is an independent company trading psychology services to educational settings - schools are primarily our clients but we also work with nurseries and colleges. We are two female Educational Psychologists (aged early 30’s and 40) and our job is to support schools to be able to ‘include’ and ‘meet the educational needs’ of children, young people and adults (aged 0-25) with special educational/additional needs through the application of psychology. We work collaboratively with teachers, parents, children and young people themselves, as well as other professionals. We also support educational settings at the organisational level. We are called Psychology First because we look to apply/think about ‘Psychology First and Always’. The logo needs to be clean and professional to reflect our role as Educational Psychologists but we also want it to be modern, fresh and eye catching - it is important that it distinguishes us from a local authority/council/institution. We would be interested in seeing designs that are simply ‘Psychology First’ and also designs that incorporate images both within and around the company name. We would also be interested in seeing logos that incorporate the ‘PSI’ Greek letter within the Logo wording as this symbol is often used to represent ‘psychology’. We are very open to ideas providing the logo is suitable for a range of uses including the website, business cards and reports. We are very open to any colour suggestions but we do like the idea of navy as a main colour with a complementary accent colour that is striking and vibrant.

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