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Essentially a roofing / hard metal installer business, hard metal installer being someone who specialises in installing metals such as copper and zinc. I’ve put the lines in the middle of the A as it creates a Copper facade (elevation of a building) as well as a roof. I would either prefer the infill of the A as orange as shown or silver. I’m thinking the orange is more striking. The reason I’ve gone with either orange or silver is that orange represents copper and silver zinc, There is a very personal reason for this design also as it represents my 2 children, Arthur and Stanley and not just the business.. That being the large A couples up as a meaning for Arthur, the sideways S for Stanley and the Y in the middle for Yelland, of which couples up as a person and support from a parents view but also a business to customer view point! I must state that the finished logo must be suitable for all uses / platforms such as social media, letterheads etc etc. However appreciate if a slightly changed logo must be used for Social media, for example - No text just the "A" graphic) I would also want the logo copyrighted to myself (the business). Please advise if this is possible?

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