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A tour company on the Portuguese island of Madeira. If you google Madeira, you see beautiful views and stunning scenery. It's mountainous, but lush and green, surrounded by sea and usually sun! There are many other tour businesses there, a lot with cartoony logos, like a smiling sun etc. but we're aiming towards luxury, vehicles are going to be black Mercedes, so we're after a stylish, simple logo that will be easy to read on the side of a black vehicle. Something that can also be used to rebrand a website and Facebook page, advertising media, business cards etc. It has to work for all of that, ideally. It should seem friendly and warm, though... not too sparse and/or oblique that it puts people off! The current website is listed below, it's the same company but using a registered taxi there. The taxi has already gone, the first of new vehicles arrives late next week. So we're keen to relaunch/rebrand quite soon. The website was just from a WIX template, and is still the old domain name obviously. I will probably start again from scratch with that once we have a new logo, and the new domain is up and running, but it'll give you an idea of what we were using with the old company. We're really open to what gets used for the new logo... it could be on a background, so that wording appears on some kind of background shape, or it could be clean so that just the lettering and/or design appears to be floating on the black background of the vehicle. You could incorporate anything which represents the tours, sea, mountains, sun, Madeira Island, trees and flowers from Madeira... we really have no fixed idea. Happy to see what ideas are out there, and very happy that we won't be relying on the (usually terrible!) free logo websites. We're upgrading all round!

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  • Question posted by Daniiel Mathews

    Ola José - Bom dia! Would the logo need to work in Portuguese as well - or purely for the English speaking tourist market? Muito obrigado - Matt


    Hi Matt, thanks for the Portuguese! No, this would be purely for the English speaking tourists... well, also other nationalities... but most people would understand. Thanks for the question. Best regards, José Manuel.