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UK design students and graduates truly have exceptional skills and vision. But don’t just take our word for it, we implore you to attend your local University end of year degree show, then you can go and see for yourself.

Graphic design students are studying at the very sharp end, learning all the very latest techniques and following all the most popular, obscure and emerging graphic design trends.

We work with UK design students and recent graduates to support their experience, progression and portfolio development. It can be difficult for a design graduate to get an employment opportunity, it’s very competitive in the industry. However with a full portfolio of work designing to real briefs we feel that they become a very different employment proposition.

The aim of this design platform is to provide a win-win proposition. New UK designers develop and small businesses get low entry access to good design with a vast number of options.


40% of businesses surveyed by The Design Council said that the use of design within their organisation contributed to an increase in sales & turnover, brand recognition & loyalty and competitiveness.

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BAARN is an offshoot of Roderick James Architects LLP. This part of the business creates beautiful timber-framed kit houses. We were delighted to be approached by a representative who had heard what the domoredesign platform does and wanted to engage as it fitted their socially responsible characteristics.

The brief provided was very detailed, the team at BAARN were sure to feedback on all the concepts they liked as they came in and the project had over 90 concepts submitted before the final logo was chosen.

Visit the BAARN website to see the selected design in all its glory

‘It’s been great to see all the different logo designs. We’re all really pleased with the final outcome and looking forward to showing it online!’Leila, Roderick James Architects

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