Hey There Freshness

Do more design is built for you

Do More Design is a platform built for UK students and those who have graduated in last 3 years.

Our aim is simple:
To give you a platform to discover your abilities and add amazing new skills. You'll be working with real clients on briefs which are vital to their buisness.

Oh and the pay's really good too.


Interviews will be a breeze

Soon you'll be asked about your experience in an interview. Working on the Do More Design platform will be precisely the kind of thing they're after. You'll be confident with clients, you'll know the realities of design work and you'll have some great tricks up your sleveve for your first big project.

Find out how it works

Hone your skills

There's nothing like applying yourself to a real brief to make you realize which bits of your academic study is vital and nothing like working for clients to make you understand how to apply your skills and creativity in the real world.

Get ahead

We're a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping UK Students and graduates become more employable with better experience and skills. We're also aimed at helping small UK businesses grow with your help.

It's a great thing to be part of and it's free to sign up today and have a look at live projects.

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