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  • Global Security Academy needs strong logo and identity

    PLEASE READ THE PROJECT TITLE - NEED STRONG LOGO! (not logos that a 5 year old can put together). asta (Applied Security Training Academy) will deliver a host of security related courses in various countries, these courses range from Level 3 to le...

    Thank you to Sky Jones for their winning design

  • GGI


    Thank you to Sky Jones for their winning design

  • Madeira Brand relaunch -

    A tour company on the Portuguese island of Madeira. If you google Madeira, you see beautiful views and stunning scenery. It's mountainous, but lush and green, surrounded by sea and usually sun! There are many other tour businesses there, a lot wit...

    Thank you to Steve Hopkins for their winning design

  • Shoots Roots & Leaves - Grown in Cornwall

    Shoots Roots & Leaves is a small market garden based in Cornwall, who specialise in baby leaf salads, baby root vegetables and microgreens. We need a logo for website, banners / signs at market, social media, and packaging. The logo needs to be simpl...

    Thank you to Sky Jones for their winning design

  • Ageing Unplugged

    We provide a programme designed to help people rediscover or maintain youthful energy, enthusiasm and vitality to stave of the negative effects of ageing.

    Thank you to Sky Jones for their winning design

  • sushiandchipsatthegallery

    We provide tailor-made culinary and cultural itineraries in Tokyo and London. We would like the logo to consist of a fork, a paintbrush and a set of chopsticks, in that order from left to right.

    Thank you to Amy Mercer for their winning design

  • south devon suds & soaps - coolings dairy  

    we are a small goat dairy who are trying to expand in to the cosmetic industry with are traditional 100% hand maid goats milk soaps we would like a very eye catching and modern looking logo but also a traditional feel if this can be achieved with bri... 

  • Turnbull Tree Services - Kent, Surrey and Sussex

    Turnbull Tree Services is an arboricultural business owned and run by George Turnbull. Having worked for a company for 4 years he has gained a wealth of experience and exposure and has now stepped into independent working. George offers a variety o...

    Thank you to Trudi Kitchener for their winning design

  • Clouds come in many forms . Cloud computing services.

    Thank you to William Barns for their winning design

  • Ace - Putting the science back into marketing (Please do not make part of the logo - but will be used in presentations, dashboards, website).

    Applying advanced technology to business intelligence and consumer research used for marketing decisions. (Think; advanced data analystics, artifical intelligence, digital automation, online dashboards).

    Thank you to Kelly for their winning design

  • Oxford Neuro Spine

    I am a neurosurgeon and Spinal surgeon and would like a logo for use on a website . I would like an emblem that incorporates a pictorial representation of a brain and spine in abstract or minimalistic form . I would like it to be refined possibly in...

    Thank you to Adele Pass for their winning design

  • Resolutions

    Resolutions works in the live events and TV market providing specialist AV equipment used to drive large format displays, be it projection or LED. We work on a trade only basis and provide other production companies and agencies a full service packag...

    Thank you to Amy Mercer for their winning design

  • Saving SMEs

    Our company helps small to ,medium sized Business Owners give their company a new lease of life/ energy when it is struggling to; keep afloat, to grow bigger than what they currently are, or to exit there business and release the value locked up in t...

    Thank you to Amy Mercer for their winning design

  • Hani's Apple Pickle - Apple Pickle

    The company is named after my daughter. The first product I am launching is an Apple Pickle based on an old family recipe. So there is clearly a strong theme of family and relationships at the core of this company. The logo should reflect the first...

    Thank you to Tomasz Praski for their winning design

  • Gouda Dental Clinic - Selim E Gouda DDs MSc  

    Dental office in Egypt, which is located in a famous building called “San Stefano”. We specialize in Dental implants and Aesthetic dentistry