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  • GrowBuild Ltd - Grow your home - Grow your home from concept to carpets

    We provide a full, in-house service offering everything from conception to carpets and everything in between. From design with architectural plans, planning guidance, structural engineering design and Building Regulations compliance through all bui...

    Thank you to Steve Hopkins for their winning design

  • New logo for a 4x4 restoration startup company

    Hello. I have starteda company that restores classic and vintage 4 x4 vehicles. These will be high end chasis up nuts and bolts restorations. I need a logo for marketing. I will use on social media & when i get around to doing my website, but to star...

    Thank you to Michael Hargreaves for their winning design

  • Electro Charge

    So I want to mainly aim at electric vehicle car charging for domestic and businesses, the company can claim a grant of £500 per installation for domestic and businesses under the government umbrella. I'm a qualified electrician with a degree in ele...

    Thank you to Rosie McAteer for their winning design

  • Litelines Direct Online Wholesaler

    Litelines Direct is a nationwide wholesaler of janitorial products, However, we also supply to the healthcare and construction industry. We specialise in supplying business essentials to B2B and offer a one-stop shop for businesses. There are current...

    Thank you to Sky Jones for their winning design

  • Cheeky Sprout

    Cheeky Sprout is a new company that mainly sells mixed flower seeds but will diversify to other outdoor and garden products. We would like the logo to stand out and have a classic look. We will use the logo on our website, flyers and leaflets, seed p...

    Thank you to jacques boissevain for their winning design

  • Jar Zero Waste Shop, Plymouth - Refill Refuel Repeat / Zero Waste Shopping in Plymouth

    We will sell packaging free food that customers buy in their own containers, to avoid plastic and food waste. We will also sell accessories for living a zero waste life, like reusable cups and bottles, metal lunch boxes, reusable straws etc.

    Thank you to Steve Hopkins for their winning design

  • JK51 Studios - Videos with purpose.

    Video production company. Creating digital marketing content for companies and brands with a personal, unique and planned out approach

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  • Inject some energy, vibrancy and professionalism into a tired, lacklustre logo

    Transcribe It is a transcription agency, we transcribe [i.e. type] from audio/video all kinds of research. We’re the oldest established agency in the UK, to our clients, accuracy and reliability are very important and they need to trust us before...

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  • Jon Rainey Coaching - Performance|Health|Fitness

    After 10 years in the Royal Marines I have decided to leave. I am starting a new career and will be self employed doing something I’m passionate about. Providing services in personal performance, health, nutrition and physical fitness. Thanks for re...

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  • Horse Rider Camera

    We are launching a new unique, small and extremely light weight designed camera specifically for Horse Riders to wear on their riding hats. Which will be simply called "horse rider cam". The Horses head element will also form the LED light on from of...

    Thank you to Tomasz Praski for their winning design

  • London Bathroom Design

    We Design and build Bathrooms in London

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  • Lendhub Logo - no

    We provide property finance for large commercial brokers. We are not a marketplace or 'hub' in that sense. We are fast moving, modern and professional.

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  • 4 CleanTech - Energy. Efficient

    At 4 CleanTech, we are completely focused on helping our customers make the most of the new, proven energy generating and energy efficiency technologies that are now widely available. ​ We work mainly in the commercial business sector, with SME bu...

    Thank you to Tomasz Praski for their winning design

  • Wisdent

    We are like a tripadvisor for dental courses. We allow users to review courses and training and we are supporting professionals with career development. The logo example provided is along the lines we want to pursue, encompassing education/insigh...

    Thank you to Amy Mercer for their winning design

  • F.I.S - Fuel System Specialists

    Fuel System Installation & Maintenance

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