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  • Lets brand Noah's coffee!  

    An independent coffee and dessert shop. We will be occupying a large premises outside a train station location and the aim is to create a brand that we can franchise. Maybe not Starbucks or Costa but who knows where it can go. The right logo and bran... 

  • Help me get me company started - edwards development services

    Land Planning Project management Residential development

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  • Seeking a logo for a group of international bull runners! (seriously)

    We are a group that travels all over Spain to many different bull runs every year. The group come from all over Europe - Scotland, England, Sweden - and from further afield such as the US and Australia. I'm looking for a logo that can be embroidered...

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  • Boring/ unoriginal name (mine) seeks unique logo

    I'm a freelance communications and PR consultant at the moment, but I am also training to become a yoga teacher. So need a logo that speaks to both audiences.

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  • Accolade Properties

    Building new or converting existing buildings into affordable, quality homes. Values include: integrity, fairness, quality, professionalism, shared value, organisation. Accolade Properties: accolade, award, honour, high regard

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  • An honest, actually does what they say because they care ESTATE AGENCY who wants to redefine the way estate agents are viewed!  

    We want our clients to know that we as property agents want to deal with all aspects of their property matters. From the buying and selling to the design, build and maintenance. We are experienced and innovative. We want to break barriers and forge r... 

  • Emerald Build - Design, Build & Maintain

    Building contractor carrying out refurbishment and maintenance works

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  • new project - In Balance with Power

    Renewable energy provision through Biogas Plants. Purchasing/ building biogas plants

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  • EasyHeat

    Instalation servicing and repair of gas, oil and lpg central heating boilers

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  • Manasa Ayurveda - for the Mind & Wellbeing

    This new company offers Buddhist Ayurvedic therapies for the mind, mental health & wellbeing. Buddhist Ayurvedic therapies include head massages, herbs, meditation, behaviour change and other ways of supporting mental health. Our approach combi...

    Thank you to Geri for their winning design

  • Beautiful logo for The Healthy Happy Horse Connection

    A membership website to help horse owners improve the mental and physical health of their horses by keeping them in a more natural setting and taking a less traditional approach. I would something that encapsulates happy healthy horses. Ideally I wa...

    Thank you to Sky Jones for their winning design

  • Branding for a new start up company specialising in exercise and mental health - Exercise and Mental Health

    Currently, it is a one person business (me!). I am an exercise professional specialising in mental health. My services are aimed both at both individuals with mental illness/poor mental health and those who want to optimise their mental health throug...

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  • GrowBuild Ltd - Grow your home - Grow your home from concept to carpets

    We provide a full, in-house service offering everything from conception to carpets and everything in between. From design with architectural plans, planning guidance, structural engineering design and Building Regulations compliance through all bui...

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  • New logo for a 4x4 restoration startup company

    Hello. I have starteda company that restores classic and vintage 4 x4 vehicles. These will be high end chasis up nuts and bolts restorations. I need a logo for marketing. I will use on social media & when i get around to doing my website, but to star...

    Thank you to Michael Hargreaves for their winning design