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What we do: Core Connection is a boutique fitness studio offering classes in spinning (indoor cycling), boxing, HIIT and circuit training, as well as small group personal training and one to one personal training. Our Approach: We pride ourselves on our personal approach - we learn the name of every client who comes through the door and ensure they are made to feel welcome and at home. We ensure that we tailor each persons training to not only help them to achieve their goals but also consider any specific needs such as injuries or pre and post natal exercise. Our Clients: Our biggest client group are women aged 35-50 who are married with children, however we also have a significant number of male clients, often the husbands of our female members. In the school holidays and weekends we also often welcome the children of clients who take part in classes or watch. We are also trying to grow the number of young professional clients we have (male and female, aged 25- 35 without kids) as we are ideally located next to a train station for commuters to attend classes before and after work. What makes us different: Our clients also see us as a meeting place - most of our clients know the people that they train alongside and they love the social element of the training, whether that be getting to catch up with a friend during a small group personal training session or sweating it out each week on the bike with a group of like minded people. Our clients love training with us because they know they will get a workout that challenges them but also allows them to work at a suitable level. They know they will be pushed to achieve their own personal best. The physical environment: The physical gym space is quite industrial and simple - our focus is more on the quality of training we provide rather than a luxury environment. Having said that our client base are the kind of people who generally do appreciate luxury products and brands. Words I associate with our business are team, community, intimate, challenging, hard work, personal, caring, fun, family.

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I would like to stick with shades of grey and white - I'd like to have a version of the logo light on dark or dark on light. I would like to have an small bit of colour but this doesn't need to feature heavily in the logo, or there could perhaps be an alternative version of the logo in the chosen colour on the light or dark background. I'd like a light aqua blue - something along the lines of these pantone refs: 9464 U. 636 U, 304 U


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