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DoMoreDesign.com is a web platform that connects UK businesses
who want great brand design work to help them grow,
with the UK’s freshest design talent to deliver just that.

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My name is Al, a real human man. I founded domoredesign.com not because I wanted to share a load of dog photos in the content pages but because I know how important a great logo and great brand design assets are for a small or start-up business. Great design requires real human people with a creative eye. Companies that get great design from real human people find that it generates attention and inspires trust with existing and future customers (normally real human people too).

How did it all start?

I used to work in a design agency and in that role I saw amazing talent among UK students and graduates that I met and worked with. It’s no secret that students who want to stay in the graphic design industry need experience. The ones I have met (all brilliant and motivated) wanted to work on real, live briefs even while they were completing their studies. The really good ones love a challenge and despite sometimes being all coy about it, want to showcase their skills.

So domoredesign.com brings companies and new designers together and the results are incredible. The team and I have been astonished by the quality of the work, it’s been awesome. The lovely (massively heart-warming) testimonials and feedback we’ve had from businesses and UK design students demonstrates the success of bringing the two groups together.

If you’re a business owner, who is looking to refresh your logo design or a start up who needs a lot of options to choose from – then get stuck in and set your brief live. Everything we do has a money back guarantee so you’ve nothing to lose and loads to gain!

If you’re a UK design student or recent graduate with design skills, (not just a drunken Harry Potter fan) and you like creative freedom then we’d love to welcome you aboard. There’s no cost to signup and we work with, well every industry – so a wealth of different challenges and lots of opportunities to add to a commercial portfolio, as well as cash earnings as you go.

Why all the dog photos?

Oh yeah, that, well there’s something endearing about a happy dog wearing sunglasses or a hat isn’t there? Need I say more?

I truly hope you enjoy your experience with us. The team and I will keep the platform evolving so it gets better and better, improving the user journey and creating additional services. In short – ensuring we ‘do more’ (I imagine a wink emoji would work quite well here, but it’s fun to be unexpected)


Team member of the month

James ‘Jimmy Duds’ Dudley – Creative Director

James like dogs, as you can see. He graduated with a non dog-related degree in Graphic Communication with Typography from Plymouth university, and has since worked for various agencies and for his own freelance clients. He once had a blog reviewing pub toilet hand dryers.

This month’s photo theme: 30 seconds self portraits.

We’re a growing business just like you and we love to share what we’ve learned on our journey. Our numerous clients have also had their own adventures, we like to share what they tell us has worked for them. So please enjoy the blog, we’ll keep it updated. Feel free to get in touch with anything relevant you’d like to share.